Thank you so much. It was like having our own Artimus with us. We will never forget you and how supportive you were both during labor and afterward.

- Kylin, Lars and baby Corbyn

Adrian, Lisa and Cedar Jarenko

Thank you for the birth tub. It was wonderful! It helped so much! As soon as I stepped into the water it gave me a place to release all the pain and tension.

- Annie, Ben and baby Ruby

 Having you at our birth was a blessing and a miracle - it was a million beautiful things that make the whole thing just so perfect. I will never forget you holding my hands while I was in the tub and the strength and confidence I was getting from that touch.

- Katherine and William Withey with baby Jude

Angela seems to remember the sibling class word for word and often quotes you. Thank you for all the wisdom and information you shared with us during pregnancy.

- Able, Jacob, Angelea and baby Milo


 Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had your support at such a wonderful and powerful and challenging time. Josephs birth went beyond what I imagined a homebirth to be. You helped me through every emotion and feeling and brought out strength I didn't know I had. Your presence helped me to bring out that strength and covered me when I thought I couldn't do it anymore.

- Cassondra and Kenin with baby Josep

 Stacey with baby Emily

Ellie Rose

 I feel that your quiet and so very focused spirit is one reason Ellie took that first breath. You have such an enourmous energy that is so gentle and sweet like a deep running river.

- Colleen, Todd, Jairk and baby Ellie




You are an incredibly gifted person and please know your efforts are certainly valued and cherished by the soon-to-be mom and dads of Puget Sound. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to pass along ageless wisdom of birthing.

- Brian, Ashon McElfresh and baby Kiran



     Your massage and quiet encouragement combined with the swaying dance that you and Nancy did, was wonderful to watch. It was a beautiful primal dance.

- Grandma Susie, Nancy, Richard Foley and baby Rowen


Birthing Class, 2007

Thank you for the birth tub. It was wonderful! It helped so much! As soon as I stepped into the water it gave me a place to release all the pain and tension.

- Annie, Ben and baby Ruby



     Your energy shines out of you and into the new families that you support. We honor and appreciate the time and love that you put into helping new parents to understand more fully the experience of birth. Our experience in your birth class was really special. You consistently amazed us with your incredible body of knowledge and the enthusiasm and energy you have to convey it.

- Lee, Sam and baby Crela


              Autumn and baby Lilly    


     Your helpful words to "Push through the door" will be etched into my mind along with your encouragement. You assistance in getting Skye latched was wonderful. Also, your whirlwind housekeeping after the birth was phenomenal. You went well above and beyond.

- Tuesday and Gary Shean with baby Skye



     You exemplify what it means to be an empowered woman, making educated and progressive choices while she educates and empowers those around her. Thank you for holding me, honoring and supporting and believing in me. Words can't express how Isaac and I appreciate you! We thank you for being an amazing doula throughout Arianna's birth and for sharing your knowledge and experience in the birth class. We also thank you for taking pictures during and after the birth - the images and memories are precious.

- Alison, Issaac and baby Arianna

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