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Birth Resources

Client Care Chart Portal
Electronic Medical Record Sign In

Doula Resources

   DONA International -

   PALS Doulas -

   The Olympia Doula Circle -
   Diksha Berebitsky -

Midwifery Resources

   Citizens For Midwifery (CFM) -

   Midwives' Association of Washington State  

   (MAWS) -

   The Midwives Alliance of North America  

   (MANA) - 


Social Services Support
  Community Action Council -

Local Resources

   Denise Robison -

   Andrea Shaw L. Ac -

   Roxanne Schmidt L. Ac -

Back-up Midwives

   Laura Galati ND, LM -

   Stormy Dupree -

Breastfeeding Resources

  La Leche League International (LLLI) -

  South Sound Breastfeeding Network - 

  Dr. Jack Newman -

  Carrie DiStefano -

  Sarah Cassidy -

General Childbirth Resources

   International Childbirth Education Association  

   (ICEA) -

   National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource    Centers (NOCIRC) - 

   Birth Kits and Water Birth Supplies -

   Foveo Birth & Baby -

Insurance Biller

   Island Billing

   Ingred Skjelstad- (360) 632-4435

   Estimate of Cost for Midwifery Care

Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

   True Self Yoga Studio -

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