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Labor Tub Rentals

$200, including delivery and pickup

Water Capacity:
175 gallons
4-1/2 feet diameter
2 feet depth

Warm water immersion during labor may provide:

  • Pain reduction

  • Relaxation

  • Freedom of movement

  • Reduced cesareans

  • Intact perineums

  • Lower stress hormones

  • Increased labor hormones

  • Shorter labors

  • Decreased swelling

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Increased sense of intimacy with partner

  • Greater sense of privacy


Warm water immersion in labor is widely known to ease the pain of labor, promote relaxation, and provide newborns a gentler transition into the world. I have used labor and birth tubs for almost twenty years, and find them extremely beneficial in reducing the emotional and physical discomforts of labor. When I used the tub for the birth of my second child, I was finally able to feel what I had been watching mothers experience as they eased their birthing bodies into the deep, warm water. We call it the "Ahhh Effect". I was thankful for it during that beautiful birth. The immediate sense of relief and the realization that, "Yes, I can continue to birth my baby.", tends to be a universal reaction to the water.


My portable tubs are compact, easy to set up, and come with all needed supplies for use in home birth settings. We drop off the tubs a few weeks before your due date. You keep the tub as long as you need and call us after it is used and cleaned and we will come take it away. The fee is $200.00 and includes all supplies needed for the tub and cleaning, as well as 24-hour phone support. Families are responsible for purchasing a new garden hose and a disposable liner for use of the tub in labor. The liner is approximately $23.00 and available for sale at under generic labor pool liners. 

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