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I have called Olympia, Washington home since 1990 and have birthed both of my children here in this beautiful town. I enjoy how fulfilling it is to truly do a good day's work. To know that I have had a positive impact on a woman and her baby's physical and emotional well-being gives me a warm heart. It is a real pleasure when I see the babies out in the community. They grow and change so quickly. At the same time, I watch their parent's confidence, love, and pride growing right alongside.


I began my birth career during my last two years of college in 1992. I became interested in birth and women's health and developed a passion for assisting families during this incredible, wonderous, and challenging transition. After gently birthing my first child at home, I knew that birth was the place for my interest and knowledge to be utilized and grown. I took the Seattle Midwifery School's Doula training and became certified by PALS and DONA. Penny Simkin, Sandy Szalay, and Dana Blue trained me and I couldn't have dreamed of stronger, more informed educators. I continued Doula work and added Postpartum and Prenatal Doula work as I saw many families with unmet needs.

As my relationship with local care providers grew, I began to assist in births for licensed midwives at home births, birth centers and in their clinical offices. Eventually I purchased birth tubs and began to rent them to ease the discomforts of labor. I became certified as a Childbirth Educator before the amazing birth of my son. By then I had assisted many families with breastfeeding issues and nursed my own two children. It was time to become a Certified Lactation Educator. So, I trained through CAPPA in order to solidify my experience and knowledge of the breastfeeding experience. My Sibling Preparation Classes were a perfect answer to parent's questions and needs around siblings at birth and their transition to living with a newborn.


As my oldest began heading to college and my youngest entered middle school I knew it was time to finally take the next step of my journey with women. I enrolled in The National College of Midwifery and began my formal academic studies and skills training. After 3 years of school and apprenticeship I graduated, passed the national NARM exam and our local WA State Licensed Midwifery exam. I have gained my Midwifery License (LM) as well as the title of Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). I am proud of my educational experience and feel that after many years I am stepping into the role I am meant to serve as a midwife to women and families.


My business has grown through my wonderful past clients referring their family and friends, as well as professional referral from care providers. I am thankful that my passion has grown into a solid base of services capable of supporting a woman and her family during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Stacey Callaghan LM, CPM, ICCE

Birthing Roots Midwifery Services, LLC

About Me

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Recent Updates

I am so happy to share that after taking a sabbatical, I am re-opening my business to clients. I will be focusing on Doula Services, Childbirth Education, and Lactation Support. I will most likely transition into Midwifery as 2024 unfolds.

The last few years have been incredibly difficult for so many families as well as my own. In 2021 my mother, Betsy, had a heart attack and ended up contracting Covid. I put my business into my backups hands in order to go back East and take care of my mom. Many of you may remember my mom as a staple in my home office. "Grandma" Betsy, was there to hold babies, read books to toddlers, and to give families love. It was my mother who believed in me when I went back to midwifery school as a single mom myself with two children. We miss her dearly. I am truly looking forward to being back into the service of families as I transition into a new part of my own life. Her love and spirit will always live in my midwifery work.


My daughter Harmony Molina has recently won Best of South Sound for her Interior Design Business, Studio Molina Interior Design. She continues to be happily married and lives a beautiful life here in Olympia with her husband Danny. My son Cedar continues to rock his skateboard in ways that surprise us and make us nervous as the same time. He is currently living his dream of living in Brooklyn New York and enjoying the adventure. 

Stacey Callaghan 


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