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I have lived in Olympia, Washington with my children Harmony and Cedar since 1990. I enjoy how fulfilling it is to truly do a good day's work. To know that I have had a positive impact on a woman and her baby's physical and emotional well-being gives me a warm heart. It is a real pleasure when I see the babies out in the community. They grow and change so quickly. At the same time, I watch their parent's confidence, love, and pride growing right alongside.


I began my birth career during my last two years of college in 1992. I became interested in birth and women's health and developed a passion for assisting families during this incredible, wonderous, and challenging transition. After gently birthing my first child at home, I knew that birth was the place for my interest and knowledge to be utilized and grown. I took the Seattle Midwifery School's Doula training and became certified by PALS and DONA. Penny Simkin, Sandy Szalay, and Dana Blue trained me and I couldn't have dreamed of stronger, more informed educators. I continued Doula work and added Postpartum and Prenatal Doula work as I saw many families with unmet needs.

As my relationship with local care providers grew, I began to assist in births for licensed midwives at home births, birth centers and in their clinical offices. Eventually I purchased birth tubs and began to rent them to ease the discomforts of labor. I became certified as a Childbirth Educator before the amazing birth of my son. By then I had assisted many families with breastfeeding issues and nursed my own two children. It was time to become a Certified Lactation Educator. So, I trained through CAPPA in order to solidify my experience and knowledge of the breastfeeding experience. My Sibling Preparation Classes were a perfect answer to parent's questions and needs around siblings at birth and their transition to living with a newborn.


As my oldest began heading to college and my youngest entered middle school I knew it was time to finally take the next step of my journey with women. I enrolled in The National College of Midwifery and began my formal academic studies and skills training. After 3 years of school and apprenticeship I graduated, passed the national NARM exam and our local WA State Licensed Midwifery exam. I have gained my Midwifery License (LM) as well as the title of Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). I am proud of my educational experience and feel that after many years I am stepping into the role I am meant to serve as a midwife to women and families.


My business has grown through my wonderful past clients referring their family and friends, as well as professional referral from care providers. I am thankful that my passion has grown into a solid base of services capable of supporting a woman and her family during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Stacey Callaghan LM, CPM, ICCE

Birthing Roots Midwifery Services, LLC

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