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Breastfeeding & Newborn Care

"Increased breastfeeding rates

worldwide could prevent 823,000 childhood deaths and 20,000 deaths of mothers globally each year. Additionally, universal breastfeeding could create a glabal economic savings of US$300

billion annually."

La Leche League

Private Lactation Appointments

Private lactation appointments are scheduled during times when the newborn is ready to breastfeed and the midwife can observe and offer hands on education and support.  The midwife, mother, baby, and family will work together to rule out major issues and refer to specialist when needed.  A full assessment of the newborn latch, positioning, maternal and newborn anatomy, milk supply, feeding rhythms, personality, and more is a part of this dynamic service.  Feeding your baby has many facets and requires a holistic eye looking at the full family transition. Support such as basic comfort measures, pumping, supplements (galactagogues), attending to hidden maternal health issues, labs, newborn weight checks, and collaborative care amongst providers, helps ease a sometimes difficult transition.



Lactation and Newborn Care Class

In our Lactation Class you will discover the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby. Learn the basics needed for a successful lactation relationship with your newborn. Gain skills to help determine if baby is feeding well and gaining weight as they should. Practice positioning and latch-on techniques as well as learn skills to help with some common challenges experienced by newborns and their parents. Discover ways to increase milk production, pump, and store milk for mother's returning to work, school, or simply for occasional times away from baby.  Learn the core needs of a breastfeeding newborn while getting to know new families. 

Lactation Appointments

  • $65 an hour for the first hour and $30 for any additional hours, covered by some insurance companies

  • In home or in office visits to assess the newborn and mother together

  • Labs to look for causes of low milk supply 

  • Referral to specialists when needed

  • Pumping to increase supply or to storage 

  • Pre and Post Feeding Weights

  • Common Latch issues

  • Frenulum initial assessment

  • Low weight gain for newborn

  • Fussy and frequent feedings

  • Nipple damage and healing

  • Increasing a low milk supply for mother

Lactation and Newborn Care Class

  • $75 a class per family (3 hour class)

  • Lactation basics for the vital first days and weeks

  • The lactating / family relationship

  • Comfort measures for challenges

  • Increasing milk supply

  • Pumping and storage of breastmilk

  • How to tell if a baby is feeding well

  • Videos, class discussion, and lecture

  • Resources in the community 

  • Composition of breastmilk and how it changes over the years as well as during each feeding. 

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